Recent Testimonials

In 2023, I had applied to numerous schools hoping to land a spot in a nursing school and found it challenging due to being a veteran with no connections and minimal knowledge on my veteran education benefits. I narrowed down my selection to R.U. Camden and a school in a neighboring state and ultimately went with R.U.C. because of the interactions I had with Fred Davis; as well as the first impressions from his office assistants, Jake and Anna.

As a new veteran transitioning out of the Navy and moving to a brand new state, it was extremely difficuly navigating the education pathway. I had no idea what I was entitled to as a veteran student. Mr. Davis personally reached out to me and answered every question I had. If I had not met Mr. Davis, I believe I would be pursuing the wrong degree at the wrong school and paying more out of pocket (due to not being knowledgable about my benefit entitlements). Thanks to the training and knowledge from Mr. Davis, I now work as a student office assistant in the student office of military and veteran affairs and get to assist other students with their benefits here at Rutgers.

It’s extremely rewarding to have connections within the veteran community here. Whether they were acquired through the information sessions held by Mr. Davis and the office, or the connections I’ve made with fellow veteran/dependent students. One thing I can say without a doubt is Mr. Davis is here for his veteran and military affiliated students almost 24/7 and effortlessy displays his compassion for helping his students with any issues they may run into here at Rutgers-Camden.


It has been several years since I graduated from Rutgers Camden and still keep in touch with several of the amazing people I had met during my time there.  I wasn't a "Veteran" in the traditional sense that I had served in the military.  My ex-husband had transferred his benefits to me because I was working for the military and finishing my education in Psychology in order to continue helping service members and their families more efficiently and effectively.  
The first person I had met at Rutgers was Josh.  He was very active with the Veteran programs at Rutgers and during a class together where we were assigned as partners, we started talking about the military and he invited me to check out all that Rutgers offered Vets and "dependents".  He first introduced me to Fred Davis and Tina Mikes and from that moment on, I felt like I had a family at Rutgers.  I was welcomed, encouraged, and could always ask for help when needed.  I was included in fundraisers and social events  and never felt left out.  The Veterans lounge was like a second home, and sometimes even a first home when I had a long day.  Everyone was always very friendly and supportive.  Fred would come into the lounge constantly and would get to know each of us and our "story".  He would take the time to go out of his way to make sure each and every one of us got the support and resources needed to not only accomplish the goals we set for ourselves, but to achieve bigger goals than we thought possible.  
Rutgers Camden Veterans Program was more than an on-campus resource, it became a family, a sanctuary, and a support system for all of us.  We'd go to each other's graduations and cheer each other on.  We'd show up for each other's successes whether it was a book signing event, a graduation, a new house, a divorce, a new baby, a wedding, moving, etc.  We became a family and Fred was the campus Dad that everyone could turn to.  I had an amazing time because of the wonderful people I met there and continue to keep in touch with. I still lived close enough to be on campus and help others the way the people I was there with always helped me.
Crystal-Dawn Yellen (Galante/Marone)


When I arrived at Rutgers-Camden I met Mr. Davis in his office as I had no idea what I was supposed to do in order to use my educational benefits. I was given the wrong information by my vocational rehab counselor and Mr. Davis cleared all of that up for me. When I started school, I had wanted to start up a PTSD support group amongst the Veteran population and Mr. Davis helped me with getting that going. When I started at Rutgers, I didn’t really want anything to do with the various programs that the office and student groups were running. I had spent so much time being told where to go and when to be there that I had no desire to be involved in anything I didn’t have to. It was at this time that I was also moving away from my Veteran identity and trying to move on from my Military service.

I met an OIF Veteran named Drew Bendler who was bringing me back into the fold. He saw that I was dealing with things, and he constantly would get me to talk to him about what I had going on. We discussed various things from combat to just everyday life struggles. Drew brought me to the lounge and showed me around. He introduced me to other Veterans and was attempting to get me more involved. Drew unexpectedly passed away on March 15th, 2019. Drew was a as patriotic as you could get, and he was a great friend. Because of Drew I began running a PTSD group with a local VFW and helping other Veterans the way Drew helped me.

During the pandemic I was looking for more ways to help Veterans, so I reached out to Mr. Davis to see if he had anything for me whether that be volunteer work or paid work. Mr. Davis immediately hired me as a work-study in his office. During my time working in the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs I worked with great people such as Emily and Anna. As a team we would handle anything the Veterans at Rutgers-Camden needed, and we would discuss various ways to better their experience.

While working in the office I worked closely with Mr. Davis, and I was given the opportunity to voice various concerns in a meeting with Chancellor Tillis. It was during this meeting that I brought up the need for new programming for incoming students and faculty. Rutgers-Camden will now use that programming for orientation and for faculty training. The opportunity to make things better for the Veterans at Rutgers-Camden was a great experience that I would not have had if Mr. Davis didn’t bring me on.

I mention Mr. Davis a lot because working with him I saw first hand what he does for the Veterans at Rutgers. Mr. Davis will do whatever he can to assist his Veteran population. He has created endowed scholarships, workshops to help in various aspects of Veterans lives, has gotten rejections that Veterans have received from programs overturned, talks to professors in order to assist a struggling Veteran. The list is endless and without someone telling you, you wouldn’t know about all of that behind the scenes that is going on. Mr. Davis has become a great friend and mentor to me. If there is anyone who will go to the wall with you it’s him. Anything a Veteran at Rutgers-Camden needs can and will be handled by Mr. Fred Davis and those who work in that office.

The last thing I’ll say is get involved. Talk to the Vets around you. Pick each other up, reform the line and get back in the fight. Your strongest bonds can be formed with the Veterans around you.


Fred Davis has changed the way college Veteran programs should be run. During his time at Rutgers University Camden Fred built a world class organization within the school. However, the real benefit is the passion Fred puts into his students after graduation. Fred and I have remained close and I have seen him go out of his way time and time again to assist a fellow Veteran. He has helped me personally organize interviews out of state and introducing me to key leaders within companies that has expanded my network tremendously. He has assisted Veterans to utilize job fairs, VA benefits and many other for veterans of RUC in the Philly Metro area and throughout the country.


I initially came into contact with the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs (OMVA) when I enrolled as a business student in the Fall 2014 semester. I spoke with Mr. Fred Davis about the basics of using my benefits and he assisted me in the steps that would ensure that the process went smoothly each semester. He also personally gave me a tour of the campus, including briefing me on the variety of programs that Rutgers-Camden has for its student-veterans. I was genuinely amazed at the range of services for veterans and when I attended the Veterans Orientation event, which was the most impressive orientation I’ve ever experienced.

Since I’ve been a student at Rutgers, Fred Davis has personally introduced me and many others to several veteran- friendly recruiters and employers that were hiring in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Through the OMVA, I was also able to make professional connections and begin personal relationships that have expanded my professional network. An additional benefit was being introduced to professional networkers, like Suzanne Garber, who gave us tips on how to use our network at the executive level.

 Additionally, Fred Davis personally offered me a work-study opportunity which allowed me to work in the OMVA while pursuing my B.S. and MBA. This opportunity meant so much to me and allowed me to earn additional income while maintaining the flexibility to study and avoid employment gaps on my resume.  In this role, I was able to not only gain exposure by working with other internal members of the university, but I was also able to speak with and network with local and state political leaders.

During this time, I was additionally able to gain some insight into the OMVA operations. I personally witnessed a number of student veterans come to the office to get assistance with financial issues, employment issues, mental health issues, and other things that you would never expect. There were literally situations where students were about to be homeless and Fred Davis was able to use his personal network to get these veterans financial resources and a place to live.

It really is an understatement when I say that the OMVA has been an invaluable resource to my fellow veterans and me and it only confirms that Rutgers University-Camden takes its commitment to veterans very seriously. Since I have been out of the service, I have met a number of business and other organizations that talk about how serious they are about helping veterans. I can tell you that, in my experience, it is mostly all talk. With this understanding, it is so refreshing to see and experience a program like the OMVA at Rutgers-Camden and professionals like Mr. Fred Davis, who are genuine about supporting student-veterans and their families. I’ve seen it first-hand and he literally sticks his neck out for veterans in a way that I have never seen before. It was an honor to be a part of this program and I will forever be grateful for the incredible experience that I’ve had at Rutgers-Camden.



Rutgers-Camden Office of Veterans Affairs: support anytime, anywhere to any veteran!

The Veterans Affair Office has been a fantastic support since day one! After my year of studying at Rutgers-Camden and year abroad in Berlin, Germany, I successfully transitioned to the School of General Studies at Columbia University.

Today I am world-traveled Columbia alumna, thanks to the Rutgers-Camden Office of Veterans Affairs that supported all my goals and aspirations, even if it meant leaving the community on to another university. I can easily say that Rutgers-Camden has the best Student Veteran services alongside Fred Davis' constant support!


Loyalty, duty and commitment are the only words to begin to describe the professional nature of the Office of Veterans Affairs. As a senior nursing student and a current member of the New Jersey National Guard I was faced with a scheduling issue to accommodate both my military service and academic success. Director Fred Davis dedicated his time to make sure that this scheduling mishap was corrected and now I am able to complete my educational and NJ National Guard commitments. If it wasn't for Fred Davis this would not have been possible. I encourage all future Veteran students to make Rutgers Camden their top choice because you will not receive this kind of treatment anywhere else. Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you Fred!
Very Respectfully,
Jennifer Wain


Having faculty and staff on campus who are familiar with the challenges Veterans and their families face is critical to a returning service member's academic success. Rutgers Camden Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) does an excellent job at providing a safe place, where Veterans can go for support on campus. It is my personal belief that any institution of higher learning having the honor of educating our nation's Heroes, must make every effort to provide a dedicated space for Veteran students. Fred Davis and his staff clearly care about their student Veterans. Our office is proud to be affiliated with the OVA.


Throughout my undergrad at Rutgers, Fred Davis and the student veterans took me under their wing without hesitation. I served as President of my Sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, and we linked up with the SVA to enhance fundraising efforts. The organizations blended wonderfully and are still working side by side on some projects to this day. The way Fred cares about not only student veterans, but students and people in general, is something that I admire each time I have an encounter with him. He has gone above and beyond for students and he was even the last person I saw right before I stepped on stage to receive my diploma. He proudly recommends me to hiring managers, to sing at events, and we keep in contact regularly.  I can go to Fred for advice and guidance and he is always willing to lend a hand. Everyone that knows Fred, including most my family members, know that his intentions are genuine and he has your best interest at heart. The staff and students of Rutgers University-Camden are so incredibly lucky to have Fred Davis on board and I look forward to what he has in store for the future.

Emma Parry 

Rutgers Graduate & Former President of Sigma Delta Tau National Panhellenic Sorority 



Good Afternoon Fred-


Just wanted to tell you I certainly appreciated the Invite to your Veterans Day event last week. OMG, you all have done a fantastic job again (for 2016yr). As usual I was very impressed with the entire program. I actually look forward to attending "Rutgers Univ" Veterans Day.


Please inform your Supervisor that I felt you did an outstanding job as usual…..and hope you truly get noted for it.


Thank you for the invite again, and I enjoyed your entire program.