Employment/Internship/Leadership Opportunities

This page will be continuously updated with oppprtunities of Employment, Internship, & Leadership for Student Veterans at Rutgers-Camden. Please keep this page bookmarked and check back frequently for the most up-to-date information and opportunities! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to submit an oppoortunity, please contact Fred Davis, Director of OMVA at frdavis@camden.rutgers.edu.
The Greencastle team has over 425 years of combined experience leading people and organizations through challenging initiatives and projects. Every single team member is a veteran or currently serving in the military. We pride ourselves on the value our military service members bring to the table. In 2021 we conducted over 3,500 hours of internal training for our team. Topics included project management, Lean, Six Sigma, leadership and many others. We have completed well over 350 projects since 1997. The fun ones were projects that had never been attempted before. We love a challenge!
View more information on the opportunities we have available for you to join our team below. You can also apply directly from the links below! 
Finance & Business Intelligence (F&BI) Intern use data to capture the pulse of current trends to better assist Greencastle with KPIs, decision-making, and profitability. F&BI Interns work with data from multiple locations. Data can be provided from a company database, be mined from the web or by leveraging 3rd party data sources. The collected data is then transformed to create a dynamic picture of the current state and the best path for a company to take in the future.
The Greencastle Recruiting Support internship offers qualified veterans or military students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a broad range of recruiting, marketing, and human resources functions.
The Greencastle Business Development Support internship offers qualified veterans an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a broad range of marketing and business development endeavors. This role is part researcher, part event planner, and part do’er of things that have to get done.

American Water’s Military Services Group (AWMSG) has the honor of maintaining a strong and on-going partnership with the Department of Defense through the Utilities Privatization (UP) Program. Through UP, our contracts allow us to serve as the water and wastewater utility system owner at 17 military installations across the United States. Delivering the fundamental day to day needs of our service men, women, and their families is a great responsibility, and our main priority.
AWMSG has two upcoming summer internship opportunities! Submit your application at the below links or reach out with any questions to Erin Defibaugh, Talent Acquisition Partner at American Water supporting Military Services Group.
Geographic Information System (GIS) Internship: This position is designed to engage interested students in the importance of GIS in the water utility industry. The GIS Intern will assist in the performance of technical work related to designing, maintaining and producing geographic data and graphics through an automated geographic information system (GIS). A large focus of this technical work will concentrate on the importance of data quality and using tools to improve data quality/integrity. The main objective of this position is to offer an opportunity for hands-on learning to the student in their field of study.
Federal & Contracts Compliance Internship: This position provides support to and obtains resulting experience working with the MSG Federal Contracts and Compliance Team assuring compliance with Contractual Government Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)/Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR)’s requirements as well as internal and external audit compliance.

2022 Law & Leadership Academy (Troop "N")
The Troop N Law and Leadership Academy is a camp designed to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and those individuals seeking a career in law enforcement by providing them with an opportunity to experience the process of becoming a cadet in a law enforcement academy. This free camp is modeled after the police academies that adults attend to become sworn law enforcement officers.  Our academy is geared to accommodate any individuals over the age of 18. The applicant must be currently enrolled in a Vocational law enforcement program or accredited college curriculum that seeks a career as a law enforcement officer. 
The academy has aspects of a “Paramilitary” organization and cadets will be introduced to physical training such as running, swimming, and marching. Cadets will get a firsthand look into the process of becoming a law enforcement officer. The curriculum will include instruction on traffic, criminal investigations, and other police resources. The cadets will also learn time management, self-discipline, and teamwork. Upon completion of the academy, students will participate in a graduation ceremony that acknowledges their hard work and commitment to a career in law enforcement.
Law and Leadership Academy Dates:  April 26, 2022 through August 11, 2022
Classes are:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM and the following Saturdays:  April 30, May 21, June 11, July 16, and July 30.  Saturday classes are from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Classes would change from PM hours to 8:00 AM -11:30 AM starting May 17th or 24th depending on the end of spring semester.
Location: PA National Guard 109th Field Artillery Building280 Market St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18704.
Application Deadline: March 25, 2022  There are 32 slots available for the Troop N Law and Leadership Academy.  Application is open to any male or female student, over the age of 18 and has graduated from high school or obtained a GED.  The applicant must be currently enrolled in a Vocational law enforcement program or accredited college curriculum and seeks a career as a law enforcement officer.  The applicant must reside or attend school in Troop N’s coverage area which consists of Monroe, Carbon, Columbia, and Luzerne counties.  Individuals outside specified counties will also be considered and should apply.
Applications must be addressed to: Master Trooper David L. Peters, Troop N Law and Leadership Academy Director and mailed to Troop N Hazleton at 250 Dessen Drive, West Hazleton PA 18202 or emailed to dapeters@pa.gov.  The application must be received no later than March 25, 2022
  • All accepted applicants must attend an orientation and physical test on Saturday April 23, 2022 (time yet to be determined)
  • This camp can only be attended once, and preference will be given to cadets that are closest to PSP entry requirements  
  • Applicants must also complete an interview process by Camp Directors for selection into the academy.  Tentative dates for interview process are March 28, 2022 through April 1, 2022.  (times and location will be assigned)
  • Submit and pass a Criminal Background check
  • Pass a Physical Fitness Test for entry – comparable to standards for entry/ graduation into the Pennsylvania State Police Academy and will consist of push-ups, 300-meter sprint, 1.5-mile run, vertical jump, and Illinois agility test. Applicants must also pass a physical fitness test for graduation utilizing the same tests above but to a higher standard.  Exact requirements can be viewed at www.PATROOPER.COM
  • Cadets must also provide a copy of birth certificate; medical insurance and any school discipline records and criminal history records to be considered for enrollment in the Law and Leadership Academy.
  • Cadets will also need a brief recommendation from law enforcement program advisor due at the interview process
  • Cadets must also agree to all rules and policies of this academy and complete all required waivers.
  • Cadets will undergo COVID-19 screening prior to all scheduled academy hours to include screening and temperature checks. CDC guidelines will be followed.
Any applicant not selected to camp, due to availability and/or selection process may apply the following year and be given preference to that year’s academy.
Academy Rules:
To ensure the safety of all, participants are expected to follow the rules and guidelines.  Our goal for the academy is to be an enjoyable yet challenging learning experience.
  1. Cadets are expected to maintain a respectful attitude to classmates, instructors, and presenters
  2. Cadets will adhere to a “no touch policy”
  3. Cadets are expected to keep up with their personal belongings and should limit what they bring to class.  Only items needed for class are permitted
  4. Use of foul language or threatening behavior is prohibited
  5. Use of tobacco products is prohibited during academy times.  No tobacco products should be brought onto academy grounds or cadets’ person.
  6. Electronic devices may not be used or visible.  Please leave all devices such as cellphones, tablets, smart watches, etc... at home.
  7. Cadets are expected to complete and participate all academy activities.  All are required for graduation.
  8. Cadets are required to wear required uniform of the day.  No substitutions will be permitted.   
  9. Cadets will follow instruction provided by academy instructors and presenters
  10. No candy or chewing gum is permitted
  11. No firearms are permitted on academy grounds
  12. No drugs or other forms of illegal contraband are permitted on academy grounds. 
  13. Cadets will address all instructors, presenters, and academy personnel as Sir or Ma’am.
  14. Cadets will be on time daily.  Tardiness or absenteeism will not be tolerated and will result in the cadet being disciplined and/or removed from the program.
  15. No makeup or jewelry, except for wristwatch, is permitted to be worn during academy hours.
  16. No stealing.
  17. Cadets are prohibited from bringing any money with them to the academy.  Any opportunity for cadets to purchase any items will be arranged by instructors prior to date needed.
Cadets will always be neatly groomed and present themselves in a professional manner during the academy program.
Any conduct or behavior deemed a violation of the academy’s rules and policies may result in discipline and/or removal from the program. Violation of the rules may result in discipline or removal from the class for the day. Subsequent violations will result in expulsion from the academy.