Education Benefits

The United States Veterans Administration operates various education assistance programs for eligible veterans, war orphans, surviving spouse or child of any veteran killed while on duty with the Armed Forces, disabled veterans, dependents of a veteran with service-related total disability, and certain members of the selected reserve.
As a veteran you may qualify for the following;
  • Chapter 33 (Post 9-11) if you have served 3 continuous years
  • Chapter 1606 as a reservist (deployment translates to upgrade to Chapter 33 starting at 50 percent),
  • Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehab if 20 percent incurred disability while serving)
  • Tuition Assistance from the DOD for Active-Duty members
  • National Guard entitled to Tuition Waiver via Commanders Certificate & 1606 with a 6-year contract. You may also qualify for Chapter 33 if deployed
  • Chapter 33 Transfer of Entitlement (TOT) if service member transfers the entitlement to a spouse and or child
  • Chapter 35 Dependents Education Assistance (DEA) parent 100 percent disabled during service
Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) is paid how?
·         It is paid out based on where the majority (zip code) of the registered courses are taken (
·         It is not calculated from the students home campus
·         EXAMPLE:  So even though a student may attend at ACCC, if they register for 2 online courses, 2 courses in Camden, and 1 course in ACCC, they will be paid at the Camden MHA rate. 
·         An exception to this is when a student who is registered for 9 online credits and 3 in-person credits. They will still be paid at the in-person rate, as the VA wants to maximize the student's MHA benefit. But again, the MHA will be paid at the rate of that course location, which may or may not be the student's home campus.
·         Exclusively online training (coded as such) (no classroom instruction) MHA is $916.50
Upon knowing which benefit you are entitled to please contact Fred Davis (Director) of the Office of Military & Veterans Affairs (OMVA) to ensure less chance of delays for your benefits.
Veterans and others mentioned above who plan to utilize veteran's education benefits should initially present the Veteran's Administration Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Form(s) and discharge papers (certified copy of the DD214), to the Office of Veterans Affairs (Campus Center, Room 301) and the Certifying Official located in the Office of the Registrar.  Veterans transferring benefits (changing venue) must provide a “Transfer benefits Form -22-1995.” When registering for courses Veterans must complete a “Statement of Understanding Form” to certify and process benefits.
Veterans planning to utilize benefits under Chapter 30 of the New (Montgomery) GI Bill of 1984, or Chapter 1606 and 1607 for Reservists are required by the university to pay cash for tuition, fees, books and supplies, when due. Veterans, in turn, receive allowance for each month of schooling based upon credit hours.  Additionally, veterans can view the status of their benefits.  Veterans using Chapter 33 benefits must initially provide a Certificate of Eligibility letter.  Under this Chapter tuition and fees are paid directly to the University.
If you plan on using Tuition Assistance (TA), you must receive approval from your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor prior to enrolling at Rutgers.  If you have any questions, contact Fred Davis, Director, OMVA.
No Veteran may officially withdraw or drop a course (or courses) without prior consultation with the Certifying Official (Office of the Registrar) the academic advising and/or dean of students’ offices. All withdrawals must be submitted in writing. The date of official withdrawal must be the determining date for changes in benefits. Changes below full-time status will create an adjustment to monthly benefits. Any change in class schedule must be reported to the Office of the Registrar
Failure to comply with the official school withdrawal procedure may affect benefits. (past and future)
Inquiries concerning eligibility should call the Educational Call Center 1-888-442-4551. For additional information please visit the GI bill website.
For additional information, please contact:
Diana K. Keough
Certifying Official