Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden

The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden (SV@RC) is a social and informational organization for students, faculty, staff and alumni on campus. It is a non-political affiliated group in which members can meet, share information, assemble, plan activities, build camaraderie and help improve the campus and/or local community. By definition, a student Veteran is a civilian and it is our duty and obligation to return to society as better civilians to improve society. We recognize ourselves as an extraordinary student population with unique culture, history and traditions. We have common life experiences, familiar language, and mutual respect for one another. Regardless of our experiences in the capacity of Armed Service, we all share in the common goal of succeeding at Rutgers and enhancing the knowledge of students and faculty by bringing the diversity of our experience to improve the classroom environment. The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden are committed to supporting every student veteran in their overall mission of transitional, academic and professional success.