Veteran Student Application Process

  1. Prospective veterans with questions about our campus or services before applying - contact Fred Davis, Campus Director of Veterans Affairs ( or 856-225-2791) and visit website:
  2. Apply to Rutgers University-Camden online
    1. Check off veteran box on admission application (upon attendance application and acceptance fees will be refunded).
    2. If you have credit for military experience (if interested in SOC membership related transfer evaluation) apply to University College Camden (more information available at:
    3. Submit official transcripts, military transcripts and any reports to the Admissions Office: 406 Penn Street Camden, NJ  08102.
  3. Once accepted
    1. Confirm acceptance online through the enrollment pathway
    2. Complete a FAFSA form online to be considered for all available aid and grants, more info available at:
    3. Complete forms and submit to Dora Perez in the Registrar's Office, Armitage Hall, 1st floor, to start the educational benefit processing for VA (registration forms must be prepared and submitted each semester and or session).
Chapter 33/Post 911 students:

Chapter 33 students will submit a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the Office of the Registrar.  We will report the VA students percentage of eligibility to the Bursar's office. If the student is less than 100% arrangement for payment must be made with the Bursar's office for balance.

If a student has applied for Chapter 33, Post 911 benefits and has not received their COE, payment arrangements must be made with the Bursar's office until COE is received.

Rutgers-Camden is a yellow ribbon participant and offers 25 slots to graduate school participants.

Chapter 31 DAV students:
Student must contact case manager at the Department of Veterans Affairs (provide Campus Director with contact info of case manager).
Case manager will forward form (VA Form 28-1905) to Registrar's office at that time we will report student's name to the Bursar's office, Bookstore and Financial Aid for payment.

Chapter 1606, 1607, 30 students:
All other chapters are responsible for bill payment

    1. If using both GI Bill and National Guard Benefits, register with Financial Aid for Guard Benefits.
    2. Contact the Bursar's office to make arrangements for partial bill payment (for those not 100% eligible for GI Bill or without National Guard Waiver) or to confirm eligibility and make contact in anticipation of delayed bill payment.
    3. Students will be contacted by the Office of New Student Programs regarding orientation and registration dates as well as placement testing if needed.
    4. General questions at any time about the campus or where to go next - Fred Davis, Campus Director, Office of Veterans Affairs  ( or 856-225-2791).
Student veterans receiving funding from this program must submit or fax (856-225-6017) the Army Tuition Assistance Authorization Form to point of contact Stephanie L. Bladen ( (856-225-6907) located at the One Stop Student Services Suite - Armitage Hall First Floor.
Financial Tuition Assistance - Out of State National Guard
If you plan on using Tuition Assistance (TA), you must receive approval from your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor prior to enrolling at Rutgers.  If you have any questions, contact Fred Davis, Director, OMVA.
Student veterans receiving funding from this program should contact Stephanie L. Bladen ( (856-225-6907) located in the One Stop Student Services Suite - Armitage Hall First Floor - to confirm receipt of the Request for Tuition Assistance – Army Continuing Education System Form.