Henderson Tyrell Testimonial

Dear Mr. Davis

The help I received from your office for veteran students is too numerous to list.  You and all the veterans that assisted you in supporting the vet students was exemplary.  From facilitation in preparing for classes by aid in getting a computer, where and how to get books, familiarization with the Rutgers University at the Camden campus, and more than once the patient ministrations in use of a CPO were only some of the services I gladly received.  The support made easier the road from starting school in January 2013 to graduation in May 2015.

Especially, all your service as a go between for me, the school, and VA counselor.  The arrangement of speakers from employers, and other job possibilities was and is a great help.  Providing me and my fellow vets with our own room for loud bull sessions added to the comradery, and enjoyment of this marvelous experience of returning to school.  Thank you very much.

Yours truly

Henderson S. Tyrrell (US Army)