“We, the Students Veterans of Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey (Camden), in order to promote a positive perception of America’s veterans and the positive values of education, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution.”

The Students Veterans of Rutgers Camden (SVRC)


Article I- Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden (SVRC)
The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden is a social and informational organization for students, faculty, staff and alumni on campus. It is a non-political affiliated group in which members can meet, share information, assemble, plan activities, build camaraderie and help improve the campus and/or local community.
By definition, a student Veteran is a civilian and it is our duty and obligation to return to society as better civilians to improve society. We recognize ourselves as an extraordinary student population with unique culture, history and traditions. We have common life experiences, familiar language, and mutual respect for one another. Regardless of our experiences in the capacity of Armed Service, we all share in the common goal of succeeding at Rutgers and enhancing the knowledge of students and faculty by bringing the diversity of our experience to improve the classroom environment.
The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden are committed to supporting every student veteran in their overall mission of transitional, academic and professional success.
Article II- Membership
Section I
Membership to the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden is open to all Rutgers students and staff.
Section II
The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden shall abide by all applicable laws of the state of New Jersey and the United States of America.
Section III
The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden shall abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the University and under the privileges as granted by the Office of Campus Involvement and the Dean of Students, along with those of the Board of Governors, University and the College.
Section IV
It shall be the responsibility of every member of the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden to help promote a positive representation of Veterans and current members of the armed forces. All actions taken shall represent the United States Military and Rutgers in a well standing manner. One of the goals we seek is to inform Veterans and current military personnel of their benefits and privileges.
Article III- Office and Terms of Office
Section I -Officers and Duties
A. President
The President presides over all meetings of the organization and executive board. It is the responsibility of the President to conduct all meetings in an impartial manner and to protect the rights of all members. Other responsibilities include:
1. The President shall open meetings and preside over such meetings.
2. Shall announce the business to be addressed at each meeting.
3. The President is responsible for coordinating the direction for the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden.
B. Vice President
There shall be no more than two Vice Presidents whose responsibility is to assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President.
1. The Vice President is responsible for recruitment and retention of members.
2. The Vice President is responsible for advising the President in new ways that the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden organization can be a benefit for Veterans, current military personnel and Rutgers University.
3. One Vice President shall be assigned as a public spokesman and representative of the Student Government Association.
4. Both are responsible for facilitating the SVRC to achieve financial goals and objectives and increase student Veteran performance.
5. Both must be prepared to supervise budget, create businesses plans, and solve internal issues in the SVRC.
C. Secretary
The main duty of the secretary is to keep records and attendance of the meetings. The secretary must inform members of future meeting through e-mails and University posters-flyers.
D. Treasurer
Responsible for directing the SVRC budget, overseeing investment of funds, managing and limiting risks, supervising cash management activities, raising capital to support the firm's expansion, and handling mergers and acquisitions.

The General Assembly Officer oversees the entire SVRC process and ensures the assembly or SVRC process adheres to policies and procedures of Rutgers University. Their job is to handle the cost efficiency, quality and safety throughout the various SVRC processes. Assembly Officers(s) work with other student/faculty personnel to find cost/quality effective means to cut costs and facilitate the goals of the SVRC and its members.
F. Media Officer

The Media Officer plans and conducts public relations program designed to create and maintain favorable public image for SVRC.
G. Historical Officer

The Historical Officer is in charge of documenting the day to day activities, history, traditions and culture of the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden during the school year.
H. Officer Conduct

Officers will conduct themselves in a professional manner on campus at all times. Officers are the embodiment of the SVRC and will project themselves in a manner expected of leadership.
Section II -Terms of Office
The term for all offices shall be one academic year, beginning in the fall semester and ending at the conclusion of the spring semester. If an office is left vacant a member can fill that position if approved by the President and Vice Presidents until the next election.
Section III -Elections
1) All officers, except for the President, must have a 2.5 GPA. The President must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better to hold the office. A person can hold office for as long the majority of active members approve his/her appointment and as long they maintain the required GPA for the office with which they hold.
The following requirements must be met to hold office:
A. The person shall be a registered student at Rutgers-Camden and any educational institution that has a student Veteran chapter.
B. Should an office holder’s GPA fall below the required GPA at the end of a semester they are required to relinquish their office but are still allowed to vote and continue membership in the club.
C. To be eligible to hold the office of President or Vice Presidents all that is required is the minimum GPA and the majority vote.
D. The Offices of Secretary and Treasurer will not be elected but rather appointed by the elected President with the advice of the Vice Presidents.
E. Each Officer will conduct organization of the Veterans lounge twice per semester. Each Officer will volunteer their services for 75% of the SVRC events.
F. There is no impeachment; the only way an office holder can be removed is by not meeting the GPA requirements, volunteer requirements, voluntarily relinquishing their office, or graduation.
Article IV- Meetings
1) During the beginning of each semester the President and Vice Presidents shall hold a meeting for all members to discuss and plan the primary event they decide to hold for that specific semester. Once the members have decided what proposed event that will have the greatest positive impact for Veteran and Active Military personnel college students; The SVRC and it members should then make proper preparations for making it successful.
Article V- Advisors
The Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden will at all times have an advisor who is either a member of the faculty or University Administrator. This advisor can be the point of contact of the Veteran Affairs on campus.
Article VI- Amendments
Section I
Any member may propose an amendment to the Student Veteran’s at Rutgers Camden Constitution.
Section II
A 2/3 vote is required for an amendment to take effect.
Section III
President has the authority to Veto an amendment that has received a 2/3 vote but that Veto can be overridden if both Vice Presidents agree that the 2/3 vote should stand.


Our mission is to build and maintain the civilian and Veteran community of Rutgers University in order to support a seamless transition from military to civilian college life, provide support for continued mental/physical/spiritual growth on campus and to facilitate the transfer of pride and confidence established in the Armed Services to the college experiences to enhance future career opportunities for all student Veterans.

President- Mark Bodrog
The President is responsible for establishing the Student Veterans at Rutgers-Camden (SVRC) goals and strategies. The President presides over the entire Student Veteran population. The President oversees budgets and ensures resources are properly allocated. Ensures the SVRC meets individual goals. The President is responsible for overall accountability of student Veterans as they relate to the Rutgers Camden student body and general public.
Primary duties of the