Voc Rehab (Ch 31)

Step 1:  Apply for admission for Rutgers-Camden.
Step 2:  Apply for FAFSA
Step 3: Contact your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in order to submit you 28-1905
Step 4: Visit this website to upload your DD-214 and Request for and Receipt of Supplies 28-1905 and certify your enrollment at My Vet Cert
*you must upload your documents in order to be coded. Please contact Dora Perez at 856-225-2754 or email doperez@camden.rutgers.edu, which will enable you to certify your enrollment. 
Step 5: Fax, e-mail, or bring in a copy of the Veterans Intake Sheet to the Office of Veterans Affairs at:
(f) 856-225-2599
326 Penn Street
Campus Center, Lower Level Rm. 017B
Camden, NJ 08102
Step 6:  is important to remember that after you register for your classes you MUST confirm your attendance by informing the Bursar’s office for EVERY term including summer and winter classes by one of the following ways:
Fax: 856-225-6022
Stephanie L. Bladen
Armitage Hall, First Floor    
311 North Fifth Street
Camden NJ, 08102-6053
Step 7: Upon completion of procedures listed above, please confirm with certifying official, Dora Perez, to confirm receipt of your 28-1905 certifying you for the semester.  Once confirmed, Mrs. Perez will then place you on the Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation book-list.  You will then visit the campus bookstore, Barnes and Noble, located on Broadway and Cooper Streets.  Confirm with management that you on the list, and then pick up all books and materials that you need for that semester.  You will not pay any money out of pocket unless an item you are trying to purchase is not authorized by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
*If you experience any problems with your certification process contact the Registrar’s Office located at:
Armitage Hall, First Floor                     Phone: (856) 225-6053
311 North Fifth Street                              
Camden NJ, 08102-6053
Contact: Dora Perez (Certifying Official)
Please visit the following websites for activities and events associated with the Rutgers University-Camden Office of Veterans Affairs: