John Rapacz

Having attended two prior colleges on my route to the Master’s program here at Rutgers Camden I have experienced different qualities of assistance as a student veteran. At my two previous intuitions, one in North Carolina and one here in New Jersey, the assistance for student veterans had been minimal. Needless to say, once I arrived at Rutgers Camden I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Office of Veterans Affairs. Upon my arrival at Rutgers Camden I was immediately directed to and greeted by Fred Davis. Fred had a “welcome to Rutgers” bundle ready for me, (Hat, Binder, Stickers, Magnets, etc…). After a good talk and advising session with Fred, I was introduced to Josh Piccoli and Jane Luca. These 2 student veterans gave me a personal campus tour, informed me of all the programs available to me, and immediately made me feel like a welcome addition to the Student Veteran population. In the years following that first day here I have witnessed many outstanding events planned by Office of Veterans Affairs and Fred Davis. The OVA at RUC provides scholarship opportunities, mentoring, cookouts, a Veteran’s lounge, Networking opportunities, luncheons with recruiters for national companies looking to hire, support for struggling veterans, Movie nights, volunteer opportunities, trips to sporting events, and more. The amount of involvement the OVA and Fred create is endless. Recently, I was lucky enough to be personally involved with Fred in establishing Rutgers Camden as the first Purple Heart school in the State. Rutgers Camden’s Office of Veteran’s Affairs sets the standard by which all other schools should be judged.