Danielle Gregg

The Office of Veteran’s Affairs (OVA) at Rutgers University Camden is an essential tool for succeeding in the academic environment as a veteran. Led by Fred Davis, the Veteran Coordinator, the office is always available when one needs assistance. Fred Davis was able to put me in touch with the Dora Perez and Angela Velez, both of whom made my transition back to school as a veteran, a seamless process. Everyone was accommodating and understanding. Fred Davis is easy to reach and he makes sure that the veterans on campus are aware of any activities going on with the OVA. By doing so, Mr. Davis makes sure that veterans are connected and networking. Jennifer Wain and Evin Robinson who work on behalf of the OVA have been wonderful to deal with. Overall, I am thankful that Fred Davis and the OVA are available to veterans on campus. 

Danielle Gregg (New Jersey Army National Guard)