Gloucester County Office of Veterans Affairs

Robert Jonas, Director
On behalf of the Gloucester County Board of Freeholders, we want to say “Thank You” for your service to our nation and the world. The Gloucester County Office of Veterans Affairs offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:
  • Veterans Benefits Eligibilty
  • Education, Training and Employment Programs
  • Education Benefits
  • Health Care Benefits (local health clinic, outpatient dental, pharmacy and agent orange facility)
  • Vet Center and Facilities (local, regional, and national including readjustment counseling services)
  • Benefit Program for Survivors
  • Burial Benefits
  • Financial Assistance (GI Loans)
  • Tax Benefits (property tax assistance deductions)
  • Transportation Services (free of charge #856-401-7650 advance call in)
  • Small Business Administration (for veterans)
  • Military Medals (where and how to)
  • Gloucester County Military Service Medal (recognition)
  • Veterans Organizations (local and nationally)