Recent Testimonials

Since day one the Office of Veteran Affairs has been my number one source for help and also support. Fred and the individuals who work with him go above and beyond to help the student veterans with whatever needs they may have. I feel extremely blessed to come to a school that such a strong veteran presence. There are many individuals behind the scenes who keep the OVA going and I would like to publicly say thank you. Thank you for pushing to get us veterans the kind of help and education we need in order to survive as civilians. I truly feel like I have a mini family on campus and I would not have it any other way.

Thank you,
Ebony Foreman


The Office of Veterans Affairs at Rutgers, Camden has thoroughly impressed me.  There have been numerous times that I have needed assistance and contacted Fred Davis, and each time he went above and beyond in order to make sure I was good to go.  I have been to several colleges, each with their own veteran's office, but this one is by far the most helpful.  I have walked into the Office of Veterans Affairs just to ask Fred a question, and if he wasn't able to help me, he immediately got me in contact with someone who could.  The entire process for educational benefits is streamlined, and this is the first school I have been to where there have not been any issues with getting my educational benefits. This is also the first college I have been to with their own veterans lounge!  Fred and all the workers in the Office of Veterans Affairs have made my transition into Rutgers, Camden much easier.  Thank you all for everything you do!


I have been attending Rutgers since the Fall 2014 semester and I have been amazed with the service that I’ve gotten from the Office of Veterans Affairs.  Upon my arrival, Fred Davis made sure that my VA benefits were going to be correctly applied and he personally gave me a tour of the campus. Since I’ve been here, he has hosted many professional seminars and hosted veteran-friendly employers that are interested in hiring veterans.  In fact, I’ve even witnessed him making phone calls to help veterans find employment, get emergency loans, and get affordable housing. The man is more passionate than anyone I’ve ever seen and it’s a testament to the culture of his office. It further explains why Rutgers has been selected as a Military-Friendly School for the last four years in a row.  Their service is unrivaled and I feel so fortunate to have attended a school with such an exceptional Office of Veterans Affairs.


As soon as I came to Rutgers and fellow students knew I was a Veteran, they greeted me and showed me around the campus and helped me with anything and everything I needed. I then worked for Fred Davis, in the Office of Veterans Affairs, and what a great opportunity that was! Not only could I now give back that initial greeting to everyone that came to the office, but I was more connected to all the Veterans in the school. It also was a great opportunity to get involved with other clubs in the school, since the Student Veterans club made the transition so easy. I really enjoyed taking part in all the activities, such as the Senior Veteran Living Center visits and trips and bake sales. Rutgers is a very Veteran friendly school and Fred Davis is always there for Veterans, no matter what the need. Also having studied abroad, Fred Davis and the workers of the Office of Veterans Affairs made the whole process a lot easier. They were a reliable source of communication while abroad, and helped me solve many issues that arose with studying abroad. I do not know what I would have done without this office even during my year away from Rutgers. It has truly been fantastic having the Office of Veterans Affairs as a resource at Rutgers Camden!

Jane Luca, USMC


Dear Mr. Davis

The help I received from your office for veteran students is too numerous to list.  You and all the veterans that assisted you in supporting the vet students was exemplary.  From facilitation in preparing for classes by aid in getting a computer, where and how to get books, familiarization with the Rutgers University at the Camden campus, and more than once the patient ministrations in use of a CPO were only some of the services I gladly received.  The support made easier the road from starting school in January 2013 to graduation in May 2015.

Especially, all your service as a go between for me, the school, and VA counselor.  The arrangement of speakers from employers, and other job possibilities was and is a great help.  Providing me and my fellow vets with our own room for loud bull sessions added to the comradery, and enjoyment of this marvelous experience of returning to school.  Thank you very much.

Yours truly

Henderson S. Tyrrell (US Army)


I must say, that my experience at Rutgers-Camden University was a great one. Great professors and faculty that allowed my experience to be a smooth process in obtaining my degree. However, what made it into an even better experience was the fact that Rutgers-Camden is such a veteran friendly university. Being a veteran myself, having the privilege to being involved with the university's veterans group was great. With the help of the university veterans representative, Fred Davis, veterans at the school are able to take advantage of many amenities that help veterans transition into the civilian world and succeed in their education. The veterans group at Rutgers-Camden has provided many positive things to veterans on and off campus, and to the community as well. Overall, being part of the veterans group made my Rutgers experience a great one.

Eric Flecha US Navy Veteran


My name is Tim DelCollo, a four-year active duty Army vet, and now a student at Temple University. A fellow veteran, who is now a graduate of Rutgers University Camden, had talked me into giving school a try after about three years of working as a civilian after returning home. I did not think that school had been a viable option at the time as I had not taken SAT’s and my high school grades were average, if not poor. However, after talking with a very informative Rutgers Camden student veteran, Josh Piccolo, I had made a decision to give it a try. I was introduced to Fred Davis, Campus Director of the Office of Veterans Affairs at Rutgers Camden. Fred’s persistence and genuine desire to help veterans had given me a chance to attend college on the beautiful campus at Rutgers. The vibe around the veterans’ lounge was very welcoming and Fred had always been stopping by to make sure his vets were squared away with any issues that they might have had with school, or anything for that matter. There was a great presence from the RU-Camden Office of Veterans Affairs regarding their involvement with the student veteran population as there where many formal and social events held for us. I can attest to the comparisons in schools and say that a proactive veterans program, such as that of  RU Camden, is not a given at all big universities, as one might expect. I would highly recommend talking with Fred Davis if you are a new veteran living in the tri-state area and have thoughts about school.


Timothy DelCollo, US Army veteran


I graduated from Rutgers University – Camden in 2011.  I still look back and can remember the important role Mr. Fred Davis, Office of Veterans Affairs, and the Rutgers student Veterans Association played in my college experience at Rutgers. 

The transition from military to college life can feel overwhelming and challenging.  While there was an adjustment to my new lifestyle as I entered Rutgers University – Camden, Fred Davis and his team made my transition feel seamless.  Occasionally there could be issues with the VA regarding education benefits, enrolling, making sure payments were received for my classes, etc., but any issue I had was quickly resolved with the assistance of Mr. Davis and the Veterans Affairs office. 

The Veterans lounge was another great resource I used frequently during my time at Rutgers University - Camden.  This was a place to relax, study, and reach out/connect with fellow Veterans.  Leaving the military and no longer having the constant camaraderie you are familiar with can be difficult.  In the Veterans lounge I found those feelings of Camaraderie again within the other student Veterans who were going through similar situations and the transition to college life.

The constant support and encouragement Fred Davis gave to each Veteran student was far beyond his job description.  A dedicated Veteran advocate, Mr. Davis was constantly introducing fellow Veterans to one another, planning group social activities, establishing/maintaining the Veteran lounge, coordinating fundraising events for the Jeremy Kane Scholarship Fund, assisting students in future employment opportunities, and encouraging overall growth of each Veteran on campus.   

I can’t express enough gratitude for Fred Davis and the Office of Veterans Affairs at Rutgers – Camden.  The dedication and overall determination to form a deeply committed Veterans Affairs office for all incoming student Veterans at Rutgers University – Camden was admirable.  I will forever be thankful for Mr. Fred Davis and the Rutgers University – Camden office of Veterans Affairs and the experience they bestowed upon me during my time at Rutgers University – Camden. 


Erin M. Lloyd (US Navy)



  The Rutgers University Camden Office of Veterans Affairs along with the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden student club provided me with the support I needed to be successful in college.

Several years ago when I made the decision to go back to college, I was unsure if I could be successful. At the time, I was already in my mid-twenties and had gone from serving as a Marine Corps Combat Infantryman in Iraq and Afghanistan to doing several manual labor jobs. So the thought of writing papers and taking exams definitely intimidated me. However, from the first day I stepped foot on campus prior to the start of my first semester, Veterans Affairs Director Fred Davis ensured me that I would not be alone in my quest to become a college graduate.

Rutgers Camden through its Veterans Affairs office provides student veterans with the necessary resources to be successful in college. Resources such as its own new student veteran orientation gives student veterans their own allotted time to pick classes in a pressure free environment and allows them to interface and network with fellow new student veterans. Rutgers Camden is also one of the fiew universities in the state that has its own student veteran's lounge. This provides yet another venue for student veterans to network and make friends. It was by spending time in the lounge that I became more involved with the Student Veterans at Rutgers Camden, the schools very own student veteran club. Moreover, by becoming more involved with the student group, my college tenure suddenly had a deeper purpose. In the end, not only was I able to successfully  graduate, but I graduated cum laude with an employment opportunity waiting for me after graduation made possible by the contacts I made through the Rutgers University Camden Office of Veterans Affairs.


The Rutgers-camden Office of Veterans Affairs is a great asset to the school's prospective and current student veteran population as well as alumni such as myself.

Whether you need help getting your GI Bill benefits started or you are having a bad day and need someone to talk to, Fred Davis and his fellow staff are there to assist you.

There were plenty of times that I used the veteran's lounge to get some homework done or just to read the latest issue of the Army Times.