Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Education Center

Chief Executive Officer Marsha L. Four(Vietnam era veteran) email The Center is dedicated to the veterans of this Great Nation who come to our threshold seeking aid and assistance. The Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Education Center offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

On Site Services

  1. PTSD (individual group)
  2. VA regional office rep
  3. Mental Health Counseling
  4. Veteran Benefits Counseling
  5. Drug/Alcohol Rehab
  6. Job Center DVOP
  7. Emergency Food
  8. Legal Assistance
  9. VA Coatesville & Philadelphia Medical Center Staff
  10. Disability Compensation


Employment and Training

  1. Resume Writing
  2. Career Objectives
  3. Job Search & Development (direct link with Pennsylvannia and various states)
  4. Job Placement & Referral
  5. Interview Techniques
  6. Hospitality Training
  7. Computer Applications (including a 6 week certification class)
  8. Word Processing


Homeless Veteran Services

  1. LZ II Transitional Residency (facility for homeless veterans at Coatsville, Pa.)
  2. The Mary E. Walker House
  3. The Perimeter (day services at the Multi Center on north 4th street, Phil. Pa.)
  4. Dept. of Labor Training Program (HVRP)
  5. Emergency Shelter Referrals
  6. Stand Down Contributor & Support Staff
  7. Member: National Coalition for Homeless Veterans