David Garcia (US Army)

After getting out of the military and obtaining an Associate's Degree in Education, I knew I needed a more substantial involvement in academics. I looked into many universities, but the deciding factor to enroll into Rutgers University - Camden came down to what resources were available to veterans. Fred Davis, Director Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA), made that decision easy for me. His staff was extermely supportive and nurturing, and they ensured that any veteran that came into the office or participated in the Student Veterans @ Rutgers-Camden Club was taken care of personally and professionally. Fred's hand-picked staff is always top quality and have done wonders in affording us our very own lounge, meeting spaces, and programs that give veterans an opportunity to reach out, give back, and matriculate more soundly into the rigors of life outside of the uniform. If it was not for the perennial care and dedication of the OVA, I would not have graduated with the high honors and confidence that I have in 2016. Their very presence gave me a sense of security, a peace of mind veterans can only receive by being surrounded by their own.