Adam Cutaiar

Rutgers University-Camden (RUC) offers an experience, I feel, that a Student Veteran would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. If you are a Student Veteran, and RUC is a consideration for you to complete your education, I would recommend it unequivocally.


As is the case for many of us veterans, RUC was not the first school I attended. It was, in fact, the third. The other institutions did not offer a fraction of the support and assistance that Fred Davis and his Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) offered. Fred and the OVA went above and beyond to ensure there were no issues with my course registrations and that my benefits were processed correctly. They also ensured that I felt welcomed and accepted . Fred personally welcomed me to the campus and took me on a tour to ensure that I knew my way around. He made it clear that I could and should go to him if I had any issues or concerns. Above administrative assistance, Fred and the OVA also offered comradery. They organized outings for Student Veterans regularly, maintained a Veterans lounge, and held an annual Veterans Day luncheon among many other activities. This environment is especially conducive to those transitioning out of uniformed service and into civilian life. Due in large part to Fred and the OVA, my time at RUC was fulfilling, enjoyable, and invaluable to my transitioning into a successful civilian career.


Adam Cutaiar U.S. ARMY VETERAN